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Governing Board

John Caboto Academy

The Governing Board is the official parent body of the school and concerns itself with issues which affect the school community as a whole. It is composed of parents, teachers, non-teaching and support staff, daycare, and community representatives.

2023-2024 Governing Board Members

Administrative Staff
Ms. Sonia Marotta, Principal
Teacher Representatives
Jessica Attardo, Secretary 
Alexander Rosauri
Victoria Xanthos
Parent Representatives
Vanessa Chimienti, Chairperson
Vanessa Brisson
Tilda Carbone, Regional Delegate
Mariasabrina Mangione, Alternate Delegate & Treasurer
Amanda Palmieri
Support Staff
Sandra Petrillo, Daycare Technician
Anna Mignacca, Support Staff
Community Representatives
Rosemarie Federico, Community Rep