Truth First, Love Always
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2019-2020 Welcome Message

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

At John Caboto Academy, we promote academic excellence, self-discipline and personal development through our “Truth First, Love Always’’ philosophy. John Caboto was an Italian explorer who discovered the coast of North America in 1497.  In the spirit of exploration, we strive to encourage students to set goals and challenge themselves through education.

Our teachers and support staff are a key component of the student, family and school partnership. Our teachers work closely with our students to support them in their emotional, physical and academic well-being.  John Caboto Academy is a community school where students and families can feel safe and comforted by the close knit community feeling.  It is in this safe environment, where a student can truly focus on learning and growing.

The school Agenda is an important resource full of information that can help you understand more about John Caboto Academy and about the expectations and roles for students as well as parents.  I invite you to please take the time to review it with your child. 

We plan to be active on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and we hope that you follow us so that you can have a snapshot of all the great things happening at John Caboto Academy.  Being involved in your child’s education is extremely important for their general well-being and academic success.  We hope that our social media feeds will help you start some interesting conversations around the dinner table with your children.

I wish you all a great school year filled with a love for learning and experiences that will create long lasting memories.


David Servello